Consumer Survey 2021 - people with special needs

Consumer Survey 2021 - people with special needs

Telecommunications operators provide solutions, architectural, digital and ICT facilities for people with special needs so that they can use telecommunications services on an equal footing with others, especially in this era of digital transformation. Customers expect telecom operators to be accessible, friendly and to offer services tailored to their needs.

We present the results of the latest consumer survey conducted in 2021. The survey tells us which telecom services are used by people with special needs and whether COVID'19 has changed their behavior.

It also provides information on how aware people with special needs are of the facilities provided by telecom companies.

In 2020, Guide for People with Special Needs, "Let's Stay Connected. Telecommunications and Postal Guide for People with Disabilities" was created. Also, in cooperation with the Foundation for Integration, recommendations for telecommunications and postal operators "Connectivity. Telecommunications and Post for Persons with Special Needs" have been developed. (both documents in Polish).

The reports are available in Polish at the link.