Report on the state of the postal market in 2021

Report on the state of the postal market in 2021

What was the value of the Polish postal services market in 2021? Which services do Poles choose most often, and which are of their lower interest? The answers to these questions and much more information about the Polish postal market are included in our latest "Report on the state of the postal market in 2021".

Since the 2013 liberalization, the Polish postal market has been on a path of the continuous development. 2021 was another year of a strong increase in its value, which was mainly influenced by the further expansion of the courier sector.

Players operating on the courier services market increased their revenues by nearly PLN 1.4 billion in comparison to 2020, which resulted in the over 20% growth rate. On the other hand, the volume of delivered parcels has increased by almost 141 million of items in comparison to 2020. Such an increase means that in 2021 more than 2 million courier items were handed over to Poles every day.

Industry analysts claim that the increasing trends, although at a more modest dynamics than during the COVID-19 pandemic, will also continue after its end. Analysis foresee that the Polish e-commerce market will continue to grow at a double-digit pace in the coming years. If the forecasts of the value of the Polish e-commerce market are to be confirmed, the volume of courier items in the next few years may even increase to the value of 0.9-1 billion items.


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