About us

The President of the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) is a regulatory authority responsible for telecommunications and postal activities and frequency resources management. It’s also a supervisory authority responsible for controlling compliance of products emitting or vulnerable to emission of electromagnetic field, including radio equipment placed on the market in Poland.


Main tasks of the President of UKE:

• analysis, regulation and monitoring of the telecommunications market,
• management of radio spectrum,
• management of numbering resources,
• control of fulfilling electromagnetic compatibility requirements,
• analysis, regulation and monitoring of the postal market

The President of UKE is a legally distinct and independent authority. The President of UKE is appointed and dismissed by the Sejm at the request of the Prime Minister. The term of office is 5 years.

Mission of the President of UKE is to provide citizens with access to modern telecommunications and postal services on a developing market and in a dynamic international environment.

Vision of the President of UKE is to act as an impartial, professional and credible moderator of market developments, working with understanding of societal needs and rules governing the business sector.