State Radiocommunications Agency - PAR (1991-2000)

The State Radiocommunications Agency was established in 1991 in place of the liquidated State Radio Inspectorate. It was supervised by the Ministry of Communications, and its work was managed by a president appointed by the minister. 

The State Radiocommunications Agency was established to control, plan and coordinate the use of frequencies - both domestic and international. Its tasks included the provision of the necessary frequency assignments, elimination of radio interference, registering and analysing the submitted radio frequency applications and inspection of radiocummunications networks, lines and devices. The agency also carried out examinations and issued certificates entitling to operate radiocommunications devices in aeronautical and maritime radio service as well as in amateur radio service. 
The State Radiocommunications Agency existed in parallel with the State Telecommunications Inspectorate established in 1991 (1991-1995) and the State Telecommunications and Postal Inspectorate established in 1995. These institutions were not regulatory authorities but had only inspection roles. 

The Central Radio Emission Control Station built in Borucza, as a radio spectrum control unit, was incorporated into the structures of the State Radiocommunications Agency. In 1998, a decision was made to build a measuring laboratory in the vicinity of the Central Radio Emission Control Station, equipped with an anechoic chamber, the biggest at that time in Eastern Europe, and an open measuring field with a rotary table. The laboratory building was put into use on October 2, 2000.

The State Radiocommunications Agency was liquidated in 2000.

The State Radiocommunications Agency presidents were: Marek Rusin, Benedykt Wojtyński, Krzysztof Kwiecień, Jerzy Niepsuj and Adam Antoni Kornatowski.

The president of the State Radiocommunications Agency, Krzysztof Kwiecień, at the measuring station

Occasional medal on the fifth anniversary of the State Radiocommunications Agency

Construction of the anechoic chamber at the Central Radio Emission Control Station, 1999