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Structure of UKE

  • Finance and Budget Bureau show element

    We are responsible for financial issues of the entire Office. We plan the budget and create reports on its implementation. We keep accounting books and make sure that all expenses are incurred in an efficient, economical and timely manner.


  • IT Bureau show element

    We are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure, security and continuity of UKE IT systems operation. We provide employees with technical support in their daily work. We coordinate the development of concepts, construction and development of systems in the Office.


  • Administration and Personnel Bureau show element

    We are the logistics centre of the Office. We implement public procurements , make expenditure and investments plans. Our competences comprise management of property and social issues. We are responsible for recruitments and professional development of our employees.


  • Director's General Bureau show element

    We provide back-office support to the President of UKE and the Director General. We deal with digital services, internal organization, audit and control. Our tasks include quality management and the recovering of the hard-to-collect receivables of the State Treasury.


  • Department of Strategy and Telecommunications Market Analysis show element

    We monitor the development of the telecommunications market. We prepare and oversee the implementation of the Strategy of the President of UKE. We are responsible for analysing market trends and impact of innovations on the telecommunications industry.


  • Department of Telecommunications Security show element

    We perform tasks in the area of defence, security and crisis management. We coordinate activities related to ensuring security and continuity of the Office's operation in situations of particular risks. We provide protection of classified information.


  • Department of Wholesale Telecommunications Market show element

    We are responsible for regulations regarding the telecommunications market and inter-operator cooperation. We conduct administrative proceedings in the field of access to buildings and infrastructure, as well as settle inter-operator disputes.


  • Department of Monitoring show element

    We coordinate monitoring proceedings in the field of telecommunications. We monitor the quality of internet access services. We prepare plans for technical tests of equipment placed on the market. We carry out tasks related to the priority axis I of POPC (Operational Programme Digital Poland) Common access to high-speed Internet.


  • Department of Technology show element

    We manage the Location and Information Platform with a Centralised Database that supports the 112 emergency number with regard to localisation of people calling for help. We prepare technical solutions for new technologies in electronic communication


  • Department of International Cooperation show element

    We coordinate cooperation with international organizations, institutions and regulatory authorities in the implementation of international regulations and exchange of regulatory experience. We implement selected assistance projects.


  • Department of Frequency Resources Management show element

    We manage radio spectrum and create plans for its development. We issue radio licenses and radio operator's certificates. We carry out engineering analyses and conduct international spectrum coordination activities.


  • Legal Department show element

    We provide legal assistance to the President of UKE and organizational sections of the Office, and we issue opinions on draft normative acts regarding the scope of UKE's activities. We represent the President of UKE in court proceedings and before other administrative authorities.


  • Department of Consumer Policy show element

    We support users of digital services. We intervene in consumer matters. We provide subscribers with the possibility of out-of-court resolution of disputes with service providers. We conduct informational and educational campaigns.


  • Department of Postal Market show element

    We ensure the proper functioning of the postal and courier market. We encourage development of innovative services dedicated to e-commerce. We intervene in consumer matter. We conduct informational and educational campaigns.